From Teaching to Transfers: Our Entrepreneurial Journey

From Teaching to Transfers: Our Entrepreneurial Journey

Hey there! We’re Casey and Jeremy – a married couple with two amazing daughters, ages 13 and 18. We’re not your typical small business owners – we both left our teaching careers behind to pursue our dreams of entrepreneurship.

Our journey began three years ago when we founded Inkwell Transfers, a direct-to-film screen printing and heat transfer company that specializes in creating unique designs for t-shirts, hats, bags, and more. We’re proud to say that we were one of the first direct-to-film companies in the US and we’ve been supplying high-quality transfers ever since.

We’ve since expanded our horizons and added Teamly Threads, an online boutique offering a wide range of affordable clothing for women. Teamly Threads is perfect for all sports lovers, as we specialize in custom team and school wear.

As former teachers, we understand the importance of creativity, hard work, and determination. Building our businesses has been a rollercoaster ride, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Whether it’s juggling orders late into the night or balancing family vacations with work responsibilities, we’ve learned to make the most of every situation – and find humor in the process.

Through our blogs and social media channels, we share our experiences as entrepreneurs, parents, and partners. We offer tips and advice for fellow business owners looking to take the plunge, and we’re always happy to chat and share our knowledge. We believe that business doesn’t have to be boring – in fact, we think it’s essential to have a sense of humor and enjoy the ride.

So, come along and join us on our journey. Whether you’re looking for high-quality transfer paper and inks or custom team wear, we’ve got you covered. Let’s see where this wild ride takes us next!

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